"Eu ainda não sei se escolhi ser quem sou, mas eu gosto de viver essa dualidade e das dúvidas que tenho.

Talvez as respostas eu nunca encontre, mas também se eu encontrá-las qual seria a graça? Eu sou uma incógnita até para mim mesma."

(Martha Medeiros)
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The Third Eye connection

Kaguya Otsutsuki has shown to have a marking in the centre of her forehead similar to the third eye/bindi/forehead mark shown in various Eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. Mito, Tsunade and Sakura all have a similar mark in the form of their Yin seals. 

Refer to this post for additional info: http://amitds.tumblr.com/post/76437164830/a-hindu-on-sakura-tsunade-mitos-yin-seal

It should also be noted that Goddesses have this same forehead mark and Kaguya was worshipped as a Goddess. 

Anyway i digress. What i really want to know is if there is any connection between Kaguya and Sakura? Could this foreshadow another power up for sakura? It is an interesting similarity. 

Could this also be an indication that Sakura would eat the fruit too?

I know i am reading too much into this but as a desperate sakura fan i regret nothing lol!  (-̮̮̃•)۶